People often ask me how I do it.

How do I create a piece of clothing or shoe design into conjunctival of someone’s arts or modeling product? Well, it’s easy when I up for it. It usually takes me 10-20 mins to create a design with the given factors are in play. Factors that allow speaking to me in the language of creations. A primary example is when looking at painting the person next to you would ask “What do you see?” Your answer is based on the vision and how you feel when looking at it.

So here’s my checklist.

First, I meditate. That’s right, often we seek into others lives enabling us to play an important role with them, there are times we humans exhibit the God complex and want to save, help or even support everyone. One way for me is to seek towards myself a sense of sanity level, becoming one with myself allowing myself to work full focused on something I cannot necessarily see but rather feel or sense of belief. If you’re a seeker of goals and dreams you really cannot deny the lucidity feeling if you are losing your sanity in all this.

Secondly, I seek out someone who I would imagine taking a journey into the unknown aka enjoy working with. Currently, we spend abundant time on phones. Majority of my time is recruitment without reaching out until my vision is created. This motion is kinda a shot in the dark one can say. One can say that is insanity. I found out reaching out to people in today’s society some don’t grasp the leap of faith of others dreams. Can we really plan others in our own dreams and share the moment in theirs? It’s when you pitch your idea of a vision and ask them to be part of it. Its makes whose dream well are we drinking from and what are we getting from it.

In my mind and vision, everyone is already a part of it whether they know it or not. I find it more peaceful to understand we as humans are meant to connect, given today’s environment online. The instance connection can be established less than a second on good vibrations. At the end of a 24-hour time period, you can only connect with so many people as life permits you. So why not seek the ones you want to work with. Hence, I came across Lady Doll a tattoo model in Belgium.

I usually scrub potentially clients through Instagram and look at their overall work display. I look for dreams, passions, and interests. Mainly the combination of connection to one’s betterment. I seek to express what one is expressing to their fans, follows, die-hard fans. It’s always powerful seeing how certain artwork speaks to a group, communities or cultures for allowance of emotional attachments and growth.

Once I find 3-7 posts that really speak out to me I save them and start building an apparel collection to present to in this case Lady Doll, keep in mind I do not get any money for this. It’s all in the dark. There have been cases where I create an apparel line for others that took me weeks and received a take it down, or simply no. It’s devasting but I love it. I would do this without the money that’s how much I am in tune with my dream my vision. It’s a passion that prescribes the possible efforts of leaving no stone unturned within the blissful grasp of dreams. This statement goes for every dream. I mean you name it.

Reach a blissful state and give it all you got. The truth within your vision will exponentially display altitude how high you went.

The efforts we get when creating an idea into another dimension is phenomenal. Let me express this again differently. Your idea is a dimension in its own. When creating an idea into existence it allows others to see into your vision (dimension) and become a part of it.

Majority of expressional work of an artist is not a stand-alone, meaning; someone’s vision contributes to taking that particular picture. Someone’s combined effort of that vision or statement assisted in creating a makeup of combo to display the full spectrum idea, such as I like to call “Doll Wears Prada” photograph by Daniel Doyen.

Photo Credit: Daniel Doyen

Now with all respect, the picture may not be called Doll Wears Prada, but that’s how that picture spoke to me. She takes majority photograph of females and they are spectacular with opening statements to please one’s eyes.

Her name is linked, so you can go visit and check your fabulous workout, I would be greatly appreciated if you leave a like and follow. Below you can leave a comment and share what spoke out to you. I would love to know what spoke out to you and how it felt. Who knows I’ll create something for you. I’m for the task.

The photograph of Lady Doll her makeup artist was Michealle Markus, nows shes totally out there recreating the visions of arts on human skin. Though I could not find a larger scale of her work on the internet. Her IG account mika_makeupartist makes up her colorful potential of her gifted hand.

To the last person who is an Artiste Coiffeuse (Hairdresser Artist) artist who goes by the name gladys3010ethan. It is so coincidently while writing this post one of my music playlist songs came on by Serge Gainsbourg ( Bonnie & Clyde.) Now take a while to guess where I was able to find a store she works out of named Bonnie & Clyde. Just amazing. So travelers if you are every in Engis Belgium swing by Bonnie & Clyde hair Salon, and in the meantime check out there IG Bonnie&Clyde.

THE CONCLUSION of an Idea. Never give up. I know I’m not special but I tend to listen to my self-awareness of what I want to see in this world to happen especially in my world. Seeking out collaboration is an art in itself especially when you haven’t gotten the opportunity to meet in person. Allowing the blissful state to be prominently applicable to your cause of efforts. Doll wears Prada is a representation of one’s ability to seek one color to be all colors of a family. We at JRRJ Society welcome lady doll and her powerful influence to her community along with her vision takers that allow the freedom to express a colorful aspect of peoples lives.  We welcome Doll’s True IX Women’s Sneaker into our Labyrinth of Epic Model Collections. In which Men’s wear will be dropping in our Online store this Summer. Her Apparel line is live in the store, go check it out “founder must have in my closet”. Subscribe to stay updated.  Thank you for taking the time and read. Today’s a day of approaching an unknown space by creating known sequences of fulfillment.

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