Well, there’s a particular person I know who is a passionate fellow that supports all walks of life no matter the current situation you find yourself in your pursuit to dream of allowing an “All In One” apparel branding solution that does it all for you.

His methodology gives you the ability to not only connect with even more people across the world, but he can help spread your brand, while simultaneous creating a new/additional source of income.

We often find our dreams far away from a finger touch. We often find ourselves overwhelmed with the steps to take till dreams strike in full. Our dreams aren’t meant to be alone but built together.

This brand does exactly that. This apparel isn’t your “Get Quick Scheme”, your “We Build The Empire For You And The Gold Awaits At The Door Step”. Instead, each brick that is settled into the foundation of your dreams and created with your passionate thoughts is measured by the approach of success.

This brand creates the mirror of yourself and shows it to the people who think alike and it connects to your friends, followers, fan and even subscribers.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lyarnell. Let me tell you the meeting didn’t go as I expected. I mean I wanted to complete some of my own personal work on my laptop and create a meet and greet conversation with him.

Instead 12 mins into the conversation. I wanted to join his team, his brand, his idea, his vision. I became engulfed of my own passions as a child. I became immersed by his ideas that I wanted to reach into the stars. I was overwhelmed with how many friends I knew that would fit into his vision. I began giving him names to look at and research.

He wasn’t your traditionally let me place the names on a note pad and get back to it. Instead, he drafted a 7-minute complete apparel line with the names I gave him. We are talking about that at the 8-minute mark I was placing an order and it was to be fulfilled in a 3-5 business day and shipped in 2-4 days. I couldn’t tell you how I felt.


“I bought this… Jesus I love it.”

I mean I was astonished what he completed in 7 minutes and electrified with what I ordered at 8 minutes. I felt connected to it, I worked with him giving him just a name. I was in love with it that somehow I contribute to my friend’s dream who I knew and he made possible. Let alone how he presented me to buy an apparel product of my own friend like WTF just happened.

He was humbled about it. He shared that the idea of “We wear Tomorrow” also meant to wear each other. Supporting each other by wear your friend at social events, hangout spots, concerts, etc. Moments are best when someone asks who is that person on that shirt. You feel amazing about it and you have a version of your friends dream on your chest. The chance to share their story and whats his/hers dreams are about.

To be Continued...

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