The Story Behind JRRJ



Whenever Lyarnell and Romeo began an apparel brand in JVA Adelshiem Germany 2004 behind jail bars, making a claim dress brand was far get.

The Giants today have assumed control over the purported glimmer/patterns it appeared to be difficult to express an energetic dream of methods for joining lives and interests of the general population while recounting to the account of the specialists behind each structure. 


As the idea and business developed, so did their stresses over how today we wear tremendous brands giving us the plan to wear yet shouldn't something be said about tomorrow?

Shouldn't something be said about a brand of an individual, devotees, an endorser, a fan?

To wear someones else garments turned out to be more a profitable believed that a thing of garments in the shopping center.

The story behind the plan was the individual the organization speaks to and grew a network of tomorrow.

The Brand went into the general population business.

In 2008 the fantasy group split for reasons past their span.

One completed his 6 years condemned and the other was ousted to his nation of origin.

As Lyarnell was discharged the talk of who might look out for 250 structures, shoe model that they made out of rice cardboard box that originated from their grocery store sustenance, belt plans, shorts, coats and the notorious 3/4 HH (Hood Hoodie).

Lyarnell advised Romeo to deal with it and hold it until now is the ideal opportunity until the universe said the time had come to take it out and enable appearance to occur.

In 2018 the universe called; they took a tremendous bet.

More than 15 years Romeo kept watch (see video above) while both returned into the world and figure out how to reclaim their past to more prominent things of things to come.

The JRRJ Brand idea and creativity without a doubt kept the arrangement of people groups clothing line was the amazing method for interfacing with influencers and their individual fans, adherents alike to network culture.

Aside from the gauge kinds of craftsmen we work with, JRRJ highly esteems its capacity to handle all undertakings hands-on.

Lyarnell Harris at that point established JRRJ APPAREL LLC in 2018, the organization under which the RJJR brand has a place and works.

All of our prodcuts are gladly produced in North-Carolina. 

The first JRRJ Apparel was sold to photography named Adam Goss from the United Kingdom then another admirer in South Africa.

Consistently individuals comprehended the constant development of inventiveness behind the brand the network between the client, fashioner, and organizers. 

Today, JRRJ Brand are worn in excess of 10 nations around the globe.

JRRJ Brand addresses ones who look for the uniqueness of development to make progress toward a thought.

 "No matter how long you place an idea on ice the unthawing is the golden ticket." 

For moments when you end up wearing your own shirt, it makes you feel like it was intended to be your very own job and like in pitiful occasions or great occasions individuals, family, and fans are here to help your motivation or life festivity.

Much thanks to you for being you.

Presently how about we kick this brand up a score and backing JRRJ.